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Bill Duke
Birthday: February 26, 1943

Birth Place: Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
Height: 6' 4"

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Although many would likely recognize Bill Duke from his roles in such high-profile releases as Predator, Menace II Society, and Red Dragon, perhaps only a few connect the face in front of the camera with the name of the man who also directed such features as A Rage in Harlem and Hoodlum. A native of Poughkeepsie, NY, and the first in his family to graduate from college, the actor/director studied speech and drama at Boston University before earning his M.F.A. from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Subsequently penning off-Broadway plays and launching a film career with roles in Car Wash (1976) and American Gigolo (1979), Duke's early breakthrough came with a featured role in the critically acclaimed Alex Haley miniseries Palmerstown U.S.A. in 1980. Deciding to refine his skills behind the camera, the burgeoning actor later studied at the American Film Institute, where his student project The Hero earned him a solid reputation as a director to watch. In the years that followed, Duke earned a reputation as an efficient and effective television director as he took the helm for episodes of Hill Street Blues, Fame, Miami Vice, Spenser: For Hire, and Matlock. He soon moved into feature territory with the PBS drama The Killing Floor (which screened at the 1985 Cannes Film Festival and earned the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival). In 1989, Duke's adaptation of A Raisin in the Sun showed that, although his directing had thus far been limited to the small screen, he also had the potential to launch a lucrative career in theatrical features. After acting in such features as Commando (1985), Predator (1987), and Bird on a Wire (1990), Duke's first theatrical feature, A Rage in Harlem, was released in 1991. An effective crime drama featuring a gangster's moll, a trunk load of gold, and a slew of unsavory heavies, the film was unfairly interpreted by audiences to be a rip-off of the popular 1989 comedy Harlem Nights. For the dark crime thriller Deep Cover, Duke teamed with future collaborator Laurence Fishburne for the first time, and after lightening things up a bit with The Cemetery Club (1993), Duke earned a direct hit at the box office with the popular sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit the same year. The remainder of the '90s found the actor/director evenly dividing his duties on both sides of the camera, and, in 1997, he re-teamed with Fishburne for the throwback gangster drama Hoodlum. With all of his directorial duties, Duke found little time to accept onscreen roles, though performances in Payback and Fever in 1999 reminded audiences that he was still a compelling screen presence. Duke returned to the small screen the following year to direct an episode of City of Angels and the Nero Wolfe mystery The Golden Spiders, and remained in television to shoot episodes of Fastlane and Robbery Homicide Division. In 2003, Duke directed the moving, made-for-TV drama Deacons for Defense. As roles in Red Dragon (2002) and National Security (2003) continued to fuel his feature career, Duke was also seen on the small screen in episodes of Fastlane and the Out of Sight (1998) spin-off Karen Sisco.

Movie Credits
The Go-Getter (2006)
[ William Lee Scott ][ Giuseppe Andrews ][ Lou Taylor Pucci ][ Jsu Garcia ]
Yellow (2006)
[ D.B. Sweeney ]
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
[ Hugh Jackman ][ Ian McKellen ][ James Marsden ][ Patrick Stewart ][ Vinnie Jones ]
Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2005)
[ 50 Cent ][ Terrence Howard ][ Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje ][ Bob Marley ]
Nostalgia (2003)
[ Robert Forster ]
Justice (2003)
[ Tom Guiry ][ Michael Ealy ][ Leo Fitzpatrick ][ David Patrick Kelly ][ Robert Forster ]
Blown Away (2003)
[ Gary Cole ][ Robert Forster ]
Simone Says (2003)
National Security (2003)
[ Steve Zahn ][ Martin Lawrence ][ Eric Roberts ][ Stephen Tobolowsky ][ Joe Flaherty ]
Get Your Mack On (2002)
Ryde or Die (2002)
Red Dragon (2002)
[ Edward Norton ][ Ralph Fiennes ][ Anthony Hopkins ][ Philip Seymour Hoffman ][ Harvey Keitel ]
Love and a Bullet (2002)
R.U.S./H. (2002)
[ William Baldwin ][ Colm Meaney ][ Bokeem Woodbine ][ Paul Adelstein ]
Never Again (2001)
[ Michael McKean ][ Jeffrey Tambor ][ Peter Dinklage ]
Exit Wounds (2001)
[ Steven Seagal ][ Anthony Anderson ][ George Eads ][ Bruce McGill ][ Isaiah Washington ]
Who Killed Atlanta's Children? (2000)
[ James Belushi ][ Gregory Hines ]
Fever (1999)
[ Henry Thomas ][ Alex Winter ][ David O'Hara ]
The Limey (1999)
[ Terence Stamp ][ Peter Fonda ][ Nicky Katt ][ Joe Dallesandro ]
Foolish (1999)
[ Eddie Griffin ][ Andrew Dice Clay ][ Brion James ][ Master P ][ Bill Nunn ]
Payback (1999)
[ Mel Gibson ][ Kris Kristofferson ][ John Glover ][ William Devane ][ David Paymer ]
Susan's Plan (1998)
[ Billy Zane ][ Dan Aykroyd ][ Rob Schneider ][ Michael Biehn ][ Thomas Haden Church ]
Always Outnumbered (1998)
[ Laurence Fishburne ][ Isaiah Washington ][ Bill Nunn ][ Bill Cobbs ]
Black Jaq (1998)
[ Kurtwood Smith ]
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (1993)
[ Michael Jeter ][ Robert Pastorelli ]
Menace II Society (1993)
[ Samuel L. Jackson ][ Clifton Collins Jr. ][ Larenz Tate ][ Charles S. Dutton ][ Glenn Plummer ]
Bird on a Wire (1990)
[ Mel Gibson ][ David Carradine ][ Hans Zimmer ][ Stephen Tobolowsky ][ Christopher Judge ]
Street of No Return (1989)
[ Keith Carradine ]
Action Jackson (1988)
[ Craig T Nelson ][ Craig T. Nelson ][ Carl Weathers ][ Thomas F. Wilson ]
No Man's Land (1987)
[ Brad Pitt ][ Charlie Sheen ][ Randy Quaid ][ D.B. Sweeney ][ M. Emmet Walsh ]
Predator (1987)
[ Arnold Schwarzenegger ][ Carl Weathers ][ Kevin Peter Hall ][ Jesse Ventura ][ Sven-Ole Thorsen ]
Dallas: The Early Years (1986)
[ Larry Hagman ][ Geoffrey Lewis ][ Dale Midkiff ]
Commando (1985)
[ Arnold Schwarzenegger ][ Bill Paxton ][ Dan Hedaya ][ David Patrick Kelly ]
American Gigolo (1980)
[ Richard Gere ][ Hector Elizondo ]
Sergeant Matlovich vs. the U.S. Air Force (1978)
[ Brad Dourif ][ David Ogden Stiers ][ William Daniels ]
Love Is Not Enough (1978)
[ Bernie Casey ]
Car Wash (1976)
[ Danny DeVito ][ Richard Pryor ][ George Carlin ]
Santiago's America (1975)
Santiago's Ark (1972)


  • He is a mentor to young African Americans trying to make it as actors or directors.
  • Was in the Busta Rhymes video Dangerous
  • Frequently collaborates with Laurence Fishburne
  • Appeared in two films opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger: first as a villain in "Commando" (1985) and second as one of Schwarzenegger's jungle commandoes in "Predator" (1987).
  • Directed the sequel to Sister Act. Nearly a decade later, he appeared in Red Dragon with Harvey Keitel, who played the villain of the original Sister Act.

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