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Edward D. Wood Jr.
Birthday: October 10, 1924

Birth Place: Poughkeepsie, New York, USA
Height: 0' 0"

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Infinitely more famous now than he ever was when alive, Edward D. Wood Jr., was ignored throughout a spectacularly unsuccessful career, died penniless, and was "rediscovered" when promoters in the early 1980s tagged him the worst director of all time - and was given the singular honor of a full-length biopic by Tim Burton. After fighting in World War II (he claimed to have been wearing a bra and panties under his uniform during a military landing), Wood attempted to break into the film industry, initially without success, but finally landing the chance to direct a film based on the Christine Jorgensen sex-change. The result, Glen or Glenda (1953) gave a fascinating insight into Wood's own personality and shed light on his transvestism (an almost unthinkable subject for an early 1950s feature). On the debit side, though, it revealed the almost total lack of talent that would mar all his subsequent films, his tendency to resort to stock footage of lightning during dramatic moments, and a near-incomprehensible performance by Bela Lugosi, as a mad doctor, whose presence is never adequately explained. His subsequent film with Lugosi, Bride of the Monster (1955) was no better, and Wood only shot a few seconds of footage of Lugosi for his next film before the latter died. Undaunted, Wood based Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) around this limited material, casting it with his regular band of mostly inept actors. Given the dialog they had to cope with, though, it's unlikely that better actors would have been an improvement - in fact, it's "Plan 9"'s semi-official status as the Worst Film Ever Made that gives it its substantial cult following today. After this career peak, Wood went into decline, directing undistinguished soft and later hardcore pornography before his premature death.

Movie Credits
The Interplanetary Surplus Male and Amazon Women of Outer Space (2003)
[ Michael Dorn ]
Devil Girls (1999)
The Erotic World of A.C. Stephen (1999)
I Woke Up Early the Day I Died (1998)
[ Ron Perlman ][ Billy Zane ][ John Ritter ][ Jonathan Taylor Thomas ][ Andrew McCarthy ]
Crossroads of Laredo (1995)
Take It Out in Trade: The Outtakes (1995)
Glen & Glenda (1994)
[ Peter North ]
Hellborn (1993)
Plan 69 from Outer Space (1993)
[ Peter North ][ Brad Armstrong ]
Hot Ice (1978)
The Cocktail Hostesses (1976)
[ Rick Cassidy ]
The Beach Bunnies (1976)
[ Rick Cassidy ]
Five Loose Women (1974)
Drop-Out Wife (1972)
[ Rick Cassidy ]
The Undergraduate (1972)
The Snow Bunnies (1972)
Class Reunion (1972)
Necromania: A Tale of Weird Love (1971)
The Only House (1971)
Excited (1970)
The Double Garden (1970)
Take It Out in Trade (1970)
For Love or Money (1969)
Gun Runners (1969)
The Love Feast (1969)
One Million AC/DC (1969)
Operation Redlight (1969)
For Love and Money (1967)
Orgy of the Dead (1965)
Shotgun Wedding (1963)
Married Too Young (1962)
Anatomy of a Psycho (1961)
The Sinister Urge (1961)
Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)
[ Bela Lugosi ]
Night of the Ghouls (1959)
Revenge of the Virgins (1959)
The Bride and the Beast (1958)
The Unearthly (1957)
Final Curtain (1957)
The Night the Banshee Cried (1957)
The Violent Years (1956)
Bride of the Monster (1955)
[ Bela Lugosi ]
The Lawless Rider (1954)
Jail Bait (1954)
Boots (1953)
Crossroad Avenger: The Adventures of the Tucson Kid (1953)
Glen or Glenda (1953)
[ Bela Lugosi ]
The Sun Was Setting (1951)


  • Reportedly went into battle during his stint in the marines wearing a red bra and panties under his uniform.
  • One of Mr. Wood's psuedonyms (Akdov Telmig) is vodka gimlet spelled backwards...
  • At the time of his death, the industry newspaper, Variety, failed to run his obituary.
  • A surviving non-fiction manuscript, supposedly written by Wood, about working in Hollywood was published as "Hollywood Rat Race" in December 1998.
  • The continued interest in Wood led to two of his steamy adult paperbacks being reset and republished. They included "Death of a Transvestite" (1967, aka "Let Me Die in Drag") republished in 1995 and 1999, and "Killer in Drag" (1965) that was republished in 1999.
  • Wood served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II and took part in the storming of the beaches at Tarawa.
  • His first wife, Norma McCarty, kicked him out of their house on their wedding night when she discovered he was wearing women's underwear. The marriage was never consummated, serving as grounds for an annulment less than six months later.
  • Upon returning to the US following WWII, he briefly attended Northwestern University in Chicago before joining a travelling carnival (he started out as the Geek, biting the heads off of live chickens, before becoming the Half Man, Half Woman).
  • Enlisted in the US Marine Corps in May of 1942. In addition to taking part in combat in the Marshall Islands and Naumea, he was one of the 400 US Survivors of the invasion of Tarawa, which killed 3600 other soldiers. During the invasion he had most of his front teeth knocked out in hand-to-hand combat with a Japanese soldier. Wood later served as a G-2 (intelligence agent) in the South Pacific, until he was machine-gunned up one of his legs and caught gangrene. He served out the remainder of his time as an office typist, and was honorably discharged in 1944. He was decorated with the Silver and Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, and Sharpshooter's Medal.
  • Born October 10th, the same day that his idol Orson Welles died many years later.
  • Is portrayed by Johnny Depp in Ed Wood (1994)
  • Four of his films have been lampooned on the television series Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Unearthly, Bride of the Monster, The Violent Years and The Sinister Urge. Producers considered including Plan 9 From Outer Space, but found it had too much dialog for the show's format, though series regular Mike Nelson would go on to do an audio commentary for a 2006 DVD release.

Naked Photos of Edward D. Wood Jr. are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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