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Efren Ramirez
Birthday: October 2, 1973

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA
Height: 5' 7"

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A new face to film-goers, Efren Ramirez is a bona fide scene-stealer in the quirky comedy Napoleon Dynamite (2004). Stuck between choosing between Napoleon Dynamite and the studio film The Alamo (2004), Efren was quick to choose Napoleon Dynamite which has grossed over million at the box office to date.Born in Los Angeles, by age 13 he began training at "The Theatre of Arts" where he thus performed at "The Hollywood Bowl", "The Complex Theatre", and "The Tiffany Theatre" on Sunset Blvd, while working on films such as, Touchstone's Kazaam (1996). He continued training at The Whole Theatre Comp. Performing improv at "The Whitefire Theatre", and "The Icehouse", in Pasadena. After finishing up a two year Meisner conservatory program, he has then starred in" Missing Pieces", (opposite the late James Coburn), "The Race" with Cliff Robertson, C.C.H. Pounder, and Paul Rodriguez, Dir, Tom Musca, and "Delivering Milo", with Albert Finney, Dir. By Nick Castle. Other films include, "Welcome to L.A.", Night Crew (2000), Swallow (2003), "Dance", and Rave (2000).Ramirez's extensive TV shows include recurring on Disney's "Even Stevens" (2000), and Fox's "Boston Public" (2000), and has guest starred on "ER" (1994), "The District" (2000), and "Judging Amy" (1999)Upcoming will be Mtv's "Rumble" (2006) alongside Ciera, HBO's "Walkout" (2006) with Micheal Pena and Alexa Vega, "Nacho Libre" (2006) with Jack Black, "Crossing the Heart" (2006) with Kris Kristofferson, and "Crank" (2006) with Jason Stathom. He currently studies at The Gloria Gifford Conservatory for Performing Arts.Collectively his films have grossed over million to date.

Movie Credits
Searching for Mickey Fish (2006)
[ Daniel Baldwin ][ Treat Williams ][ William Mapother ][ Curtis Armstrong ][ Doug Hutchison ]
Employee of the Month (2006)
[ Andy Dick ][ Dane Cook ][ Harland Williams ][ Dax Shepard ][ Sean Whalen ]
Crank (2006)
[ Jason Statham ][ Dwight Yoakam ][ Francis Capra ][ Glenn Howerton ]
All You've Got (2006)
[ Doug Savant ][ Faizon Love ]
Gettin' Some Jail Time (2006)
[ Dayo Ade ]
Walkout (2006)
[ Edward James Olmos ][ Michael Pena ]
Tomorrow's Yesterday (2006)
Just Hustle (2004)
[ Raymond Cruz ]
Napoleon Dynamite (2004)
[ Jon Heder ][ Diedrich Bader ][ Jon Gries ][ Aaron Ruell ][ Trevor Snarr ]
Delivering Milo (2001)
[ Albert Finney ][ Campbell Scott ][ Keith Gordon ][ Anton Yelchin ][ Michael Welch ]
Scrub Day (2000)
Chapter Six (2000)
Rave (2000)
[ Steven Bauer ][ Aaron Carter ][ Dante Basco ]
Missing Pieces (2000)
[ Maxwell Caulfield ]
King Cobra (1999)
[ Pat Morita ][ Erik Estrada ][ Courtney Gains ]
Melting Pot (1997)
[ Peter Krause ][ Cliff Robertson ]
Kazaam (1996)
[ Shaquille O'Neal ][ Francis Capra ]
Jury Duty (1995)
[ Stanley Tucci ][ Pauly Shore ][ Abe Vigoda ][ Andrew Dice Clay ][ Brian Doyle-Murray ]
Tammy and the T-Rex (1994)
[ Paul Walker ][ Sean Whalen ]


  • With his earnings from Napoleon Dynamite (2004) he bought his parents a house.
  • Has two brothers.
  • His mother put him in theatre classes in elementary school, and he continued with it at his all boys high school in order to meet the girls at the all girls school.
  • His one brother is named Carlos and is a dance instructor in Nashville, Tennessee and is also highly involved in the EDM Scene.
  • Aside from acting, Ramirez also has another passion - DJing. He co-helms Nocturnal Rampage, a Southern California party crew that formed in 2001. He favors spinning Hard House and Techno.
  • Is of Salvadoran and Mexican descent.

Naked Photos of Efren Ramirez are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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