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John Huston
Birthday: August 5, 1906

Birth Place: Nevada, Missouri, USA
Height: 6' 2"

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An American film director who told stories about independent and adventurous men struggling for their individuality, John Huston led such a life, himself. His hyper-masculine protagonists seemed to stem from his own youthful pursuits as a boxer, competitive horseman, Calvary officer, and major in the U.S. Army. Married five times and divorced four (fourth wife Ricki Soma died in 1969), his reportedly bitter attitude toward women informed his female characters as either weak-willed prizes or seductive threats to manhood. Nevertheless, Huston's unconventional and rambling lifestyle led to some of the most celebrated American cinema, as well as the hub of three generations of Oscar winners. Born in Missouri to noted actor Walter Huston, his family traveled extensively on the vaudeville circuit. After riding horses in Mexico and magazine reporting in New York, the younger Huston secured a job writing dialogue in Hollywood. He started acting and published his first play, Frankie and Johnny, before wandering around London and Paris working as a street performer and artist. Upon his return, he worked as an editor and writer before convincing his employers at Warner Bros. to let him direct his first movie, The Maltese Falcon, in 1941. The popular source novel by mystery author Dashiell Hammett had been filmed twice before, but only Huston's adaptation would be remembered as a prime example of the classic film noir-detective story. It also made a star out of leading man Humphrey Bogart, whom Huston would cast in his next few films: Across the Pacific, Key Largo, and The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. An adventure drama shot in Mexico examining the nature of man's greed, Sierra Madre won him his first Oscar for Best Director and earned his father, Walter Huston, his first for Best Supporting Actor. Continuing to write Hollywood screenplays and make military documentaries for the U.S. War Department, Huston's next big directorial success was in 1950 with the gritty caper film The Asphalt Jungle, another cinematic innovation in the crime genre. This was quickly followed by The African Queen, earning leading man Bogart his first and only Academy award for his role as drunken boat captain Charlie Allnut. Huston's next production, an adaptation of Stephen Crane's The Red Badge of Courage, had a notorious history of production difficulties with MGM. In 1952, his biographical drama of painter Henri de Toulouse-Latrec, Moulin Rogue, won Oscars for art direction and costume design. In 1956, he and co-screenwriter Ray Bradbury conquered a major literary adaptation with Moby Dick, starring Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab. During this time, Huston had found a home for himself in Ireland with his wife and newborn daughter, Anjelica. After he quit during production of A Farewell to Arms, he then tried the African Queen romantic formula again with Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison. In 1961, he directed The Misfits, the tragic last film of both Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe, co-starring Montgomery Clift (whom Huston would cast in the psychoanalyst title role of his next feature, Freud). Two more adaptations would follow: The List of Adrian Messenger from the mystery novel by Philip MacDonald and The Night of the Iguana from a play by Tennessee Williams. After winning a Golden Globe for his supporting role in Otto Preminger's The Cardinal, Huston did odd acting projects for the next decade and directed A Walk With Love and Death, marking the film debut of daughter Anjelica. In 1974, he gave one of his most notable performances as the villainous Noah Cross in Roman Polanski's Chinatown. Huston made a brief comeback the following year as writer/director of the witty action-adventure saga The Man Who Would Be King, the black comedy Wise Blood, and the Broadway musical adaptation Annie. But his major comeback would be in 1985 with the crime comedy Prizzi's Honor, which earned Anjelica Huston her first Oscar for the supporting role of Maerose. She also starred in her father's last film, The Dead (1987), which was inspired by the James Joyce short story collection Dubliners. Huston died of pneumonia later that year in Newport, RI.

Movie Credits
Mister Corbett's Ghost (1987)
[ Burgess Meredith ]
Momo (1986)
The Black Cauldron (1985)
[ John Hurt ][ Brandon Call ]
Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985)
[ Steven Bauer ][ Bruce Davison ][ Ned Beatty ][ Roald Dahl ][ Bill Mumy ]
Lovesick (1983)
[ Alec Guinness ][ Wallace Shawn ][ David Strathairn ][ Dudley Moore ][ Ron Silver ]
A Minor Miracle (1983)
Cannery Row (1982)
[ Nick Nolte ][ M. Emmet Walsh ]
Head On (1980)
The Return of the King (1980)
[ Roddy McDowall ][ Casey Kasem ]
Jaguar Lives! (1979)
[ Christopher Lee ][ Donald Pleasence ]
Wise Blood (1979)
[ Brad Dourif ][ Harry Dean Stanton ][ Ned Beatty ]
Winter Kills (1979)
[ Jeff Bridges ][ Eli Wallach ][ Anthony Perkins ][ Toshirô Mifune ][ Sterling Hayden ]
The Visitor (1979)
[ Lance Henriksen ][ Glenn Ford ][ Mel Ferrer ][ Franco Nero ]
Grande attacco, Il (1978)
[ Orson Welles ][ Henry Fonda ][ Stacy Keach ][ Helmut Berger ]
Angela (1978)
[ John Vernon ]
The Bermuda Triangle (1978)
The Hobbit (1977)
Tentacoli (1977)
[ Henry Fonda ][ Claude Akins ]
Sherlock Holmes in New York (1976)
[ Roger Moore ]
The Wind and the Lion (1975)
[ Sean Connery ][ Geoffrey Lewis ][ Brian Keith ]
Breakout (1975)
[ Robert Duvall ][ Charles Bronson ][ Randy Quaid ][ Alan Vint ]
Chinatown (1974)
[ Jack Nicholson ][ Roman Polanski ][ John Cho ][ Burt Young ][ John Hillerman ]
Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973)
[ Roddy McDowall ][ Claude Akins ]
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)
[ Paul Newman ][ Anthony Perkins ][ Roddy McDowall ][ Stacy Keach ][ Ned Beatty ]
The Other Side of the Wind (1972)
[ Dennis Hopper ][ Peter Bogdanovich ]
Man in the Wilderness (1971)
[ Richard Harris ][ James Doohan ]
The Deserter (1971)
[ Ricardo Montalban ][ Richard Crenna ][ Slim Pickens ][ Chuck Connors ][ Bekim Fehmiu ]
The Bridge in the Jungle (1971)
Myra Breckinridge (1970)
[ Tom Selleck ][ Dan Hedaya ]
The Kremlin Letter (1970)
[ Orson Welles ][ Max von Sydow ][ George Sanders ]
De Sade (1969)
[ Keir Dullea ]
A Walk with Love and Death (1969)
[ Michael Gough ][ Anthony Higgins ]
Candy (1968)
[ Marlon Brando ][ Walter Matthau ][ Richard Burton ][ John Astin ][ Ringo Starr ]
Casino Royale (1967)
[ Woody Allen ][ Orson Welles ][ Peter Sellers ][ Peter O'Toole ][ William Holden ]
The Bible: In the Beginning... (1966)
[ Richard Harris ][ Peter O'Toole ][ George C Scott ][ George C. Scott ][ David Warner ]
The Cardinal (1963)
[ Burgess Meredith ][ Ossie Davis ][ John Saxon ]
The List of Adrian Messenger (1963)
[ Kirk Douglas ][ Burt Lancaster ][ Tony Curtis ][ Robert Mitchum ][ George C Scott ]
Freud (1962)
[ Montgomery Clift ]
The Misfits (1961)
[ Clark Gable ][ Eli Wallach ][ Montgomery Clift ]
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
[ Humphrey Bogart ][ Robert Blake ]
The Storm (1930)
Hell's Heroes (1930)
Two Americans (1929)
The Shakedown (1929)


  • At one time he kept a pet monkey. His wife of the time, Evelyn Keyes, became fed up with the noise and the mess and told Huston that either she or the monkey would have to leave. "Honey," replied Huston, "it's you!"
  • Son of actor Walter Huston, whom he directed in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948).
  • Son Tony Huston appeared with him in The List of Adrian Messenger (1963).
  • Appeared with daughter Anjelica Huston in A Walk with Love and Death (1969).
  • Interred at Hollywood Memorial Cemetery (now called Hollywood Forever), Hollywood, California, USA.
  • Became an Irish citizen in 1964.
  • He is the only person to have ever directed a parent (Walter Huston) and a child (Anjelica Huston) to Academy Award wins.
  • Father-in-law of Pat Delaney.
  • Father of Danny Huston, from his relationship with Zoe Sallis
  • Huston was a licenced pilot...and a prankster. He once flew over a golf course and dropped 5,000 ping-pong balls while a celebrity golf tournament was in progress.
  • Was voted the 13th Greatest Director of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
  • Biography in: John Wakeman, editor. "World Film Directors, Volume One, 1890- 1945". Pages 484-493. New York: The H.W. Wilson Company, 1987.
  • After he and wife Ricki separated, she became pregnant by another man. When she died, Huston brought her daughter Allegra to live with him and adopted her.
  • Father of Tony Huston and Anjelica Huston, from his marriage to Ricki Soma
  • While making a movie in Mexico during his marriage to Evelyn Keyes, he befriended a boy named Pablo. Pablo came to spend the night at Huston's hotel one evening, and Huston discovered the next morning that the boy was a homeless orphan. Huston decided that he had no choice but to bring him back to the USA and adopt him. He wrote in his autobiography that he met his wife Evelyn at the airport and surprised her by introducing her to their new son. She was in shock, but from then on did her best to be a good mother. He eventually married an Irish girl, had three children, then deserted his family and became a used car dealer.
  • Directed 15 different actors in Oscar-nominated performances: Sydney Greenstreet, Walter Huston, Claire Trevor, Sam Jaffe, Humphrey Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, José Ferrer, Colette Marchand, Deborah Kerr, Grayson Hall, Susan Tyrrell, Albert Finney, Anjelica Huston, Jack Nicholson and William Hickey. Bogart and Trevor won Oscars for their performances, as did Huston's father Walter Huston and daughter Anjelica Huston
  • Is portrayed by William Frankfather in This Year's Blonde (1980) (TV)
  • He and his father Walter Huston are the first Oscar-winning father-son couple. They are also the first father-son couple to be Oscar-nominated the same year (1941) and the first to win the same year (1949).
  • Is portrayed by John Ireland in Marilyn: The Untold Story (1980) (TV)
  • Once described Charles Bronson as "a grenade with the pin pulled".
  • Former father-in-law of Virginia Madsen
  • Was known to have a mean streak when handling actors, and reportedly irritated John Wayne (who was slightly taller than him and much more massive) so much while filming "The Barbarian And The Geisha" (1958) that Wayne lost his temper and punched Huston, knocking him out cold.
  • Although Huston was often described as being 6' 4" tall, his actual measured height at his peak was nearly 6' 3".
  • Appears in The Return of the King (1980), which was remade as The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, with Sean Astin. Sean Astin's father John Astin appeared in the Addams Family television series. The films starred Anjelica Huston.
  • There are three generations of Oscar winners in the Huston family: John, his father Walter Huston and his daughter Anjelica Huston. They are the first family to do so, the second family were the Coppolas - Francis Ford Coppola, Sofia Coppola, Nicolas Cage and Carmine Coppola.
  • His WW2 film/documentary "Let There Be Light" was one of the first, if not the first films to deal with the issue of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder of soldiers returning from the war. Huston actually said that "If I ever do a movie that glorifies war, somebody shoot me". This documentary was based on his front line coverage of the European war front and what he saw soldiers go through during and returning from the war.
  • Born in Nevada, Missouri but was raised in Weatherford, Texas until his family moved to Los Angeles.
  • Was amateur lightweight boxing champion of California.
  • Mother was newspaper reporter.
  • Maternal great-grandfather was Col. William P. Richardson who led the 25th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War.
  • He was first considered to star as the blind monk Jorge De Burgos in Der Name Der Rose (1986). He accepted the part but then he had to leave due to his bad health conditions.

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