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Martin Short
Birthday: March 26, 1950

Birth Place: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5' 7"

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The son of a steel-executive father and concert violinist mother, Ontario native Martin Short attended McMasters University, where he graduated in 1972 with a degree in social work. If you haven't spotted Short at your local youth center or settlement house, it's because he decided to pursue a performing career, encouraged by his fellow McMasters classmates Eugene Levy and Dave Thomas. Making his professional debut in a 1973 Toronto production of Godspell, Short joined Levy and Thomas at the Second City improv troupe in Edmonton, Alberta in 1977. Two years later, Short made his first film, Lost and Found, and also co-starred on the critically lauded but little-seen American sitcom The Associates. It was while appearing on SCTV Network 90 from 1982 through 1983 and Saturday Night Live from 1984 through 1985 that Short attained stardom with such distinctive comic characterizations as supercilious showbiz promoter Jackie Rogers Jr. and pointy-headed nerd Ed Grimley (this last-named character was spun off into an amusing Saturday morning cartoon series in 1989). He also scored big yocks with his devastating, dead-on impressions of such icons as Jerry Lewis and Katharine Hepburn (a lifelong Jerry Lewis fan, Short was invited to join Lewis as co-host of a cable-TV Martin and Lewis retrospective in 1993; he has yet to share the spotlight with the real Ms. Hepburn). Though an extremely likeable screen presence, the puckish Short has, like many of his Second City brethren, frequently been cast in films far beneath his talents, hitting bottom with 1994's Clifford. Happily, he has been extremely well-served in such films as Three Amigos (1986), Innerspace (1989), and the 1992 remake of Father of the Bride, in which he had an unbearably funny cameo as epicene wedding planner Franck Eggelhoffer. In 1993, Short made his Broadway debut, assuming the old Richard Dreyfuss role in a musical adaptation of the 1977 film The Goodbye Girl. The following year, Martin Short had another go at television, headlining the weekly (but not for long) Seinfeld rip-off The Martin Short Show.

Movie Credits
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006)
[ Tim Allen ][ Kevin Pollak ][ Alan Arkin ][ Judge Reinhold ][ Spencer Breslin ]
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper (2004)
Jiminy Glick in Lalawood (2004)
[ John Michael Higgins ][ Gary Anthony Williams ]
Tim Robbins/Rob Schneider (2003)
[ Michael McKean ]
Chris Elliot (2003)
[ Michael McKean ]
Megan Mullally/Elijah Wood (2003)
[ Michael McKean ]
Brad Garrett/Jon Stewart (2003)
[ Michael McKean ]
101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure (2003)
[ Jason Alexander ][ Barry Bostwick ][ Maurice LaMarche ][ Jeff Bennett ][ Samuel West ]
Treasure Planet (2002)
[ Joseph Gordon-Levitt ][ David Hyde Pierce ][ Michael Wincott ][ Patrick McGoohan ][ Corey Burton ]
CinéMagique (2002)
[ Alan Cumming ]
Prince Charming (2001)
[ Billy Connolly ]
Get Over It (2001)
[ Shane West ][ Ben Foster ][ Colin Hanks ][ Ed Begley Jr. ][ Elvis Costello ]
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2001)
[ Patrick Stewart ][ Frank Welker ][ Aaron Carter ][ Billy West ][ Jim Cummings ]
Mumford (1999)
[ Jason Lee ][ Ted Danson ][ Jason Ritter ][ Robert Stack ][ David Paymer ]
Alice in Wonderland (1999)
[ Robbie Coltrane ][ Gene Wilder ][ Christopher Lloyd ][ Ben Kingsley ][ Jason Flemyng ]
The Prince of Egypt (1998)
[ Ralph Fiennes ][ Val Kilmer ][ Steve Martin ][ Patrick Stewart ][ Jeff Goldblum ]
Merlin (1998)
[ Rutger Hauer ][ James Earl Jones ][ Corey Haim ][ Sam Neill ][ Jason Connery ]
Akbar's Adventure Tours (1998)
[ Eugene Levy ]
A Simple Wish (1997)
[ Robert Pastorelli ][ Francis Capra ][ Jack McGee ]
Jungle 2 Jungle (1997)
[ Tim Allen ][ Sam Huntington ][ David Ogden Stiers ][ Jack McGee ]
Episode #22.8 (1996)
[ Chevy Chase ][ Adrian Young ]
Mars Attacks! (1996)
[ Jack Nicholson ][ Jack Black ][ Pierce Brosnan ][ Tim Burton ][ Michael J. Fox ]
Creature Crunch (1996)
[ Eugene Levy ]
Father of the Bride Part II (1995)
[ Steve Martin ][ Eugene Levy ][ Kieran Culkin ][ B.D. Wong ][ George Newbern ]
The Pebble and the Penguin (1995)
[ Tim Curry ][ James Belushi ]
Clifford (1994)
[ Ben Savage ][ Dabney Coleman ][ Richard Kind ][ Charles Grodin ]
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993)
[ Steven Spielberg ][ John Goodman ][ Kenneth Mars ][ Charles Fleischer ][ Jay Leno ]
Money for Nothing (1993)
[ John Cusack ][ Philip Seymour Hoffman ][ Benicio Del Toro ][ Michael Madsen ][ James Gandolfini ]
Captain Ron (1992)
[ Kurt Russell ][ Benjamin Salisbury ][ Bob Marley ]
Father of the Bride (1991)
[ Steve Martin ][ Eugene Levy ][ Kieran Culkin ][ B.D. Wong ][ George Newbern ]
Pure Luck (1991)
[ Danny Elfman ][ Danny Glover ][ Harry Shearer ]
Needle in a Haystack (1989)
The Big Picture (1989)
[ Kevin Bacon ][ John Cleese ][ Michael McKean ][ Elliott Gould ][ J.T. Walsh ]
Three Fugitives (1989)
[ James Earl Jones ][ Nick Nolte ][ Alan Ruck ][ Bruce McGill ][ Larry Miller ]
Andrea Martin... Together Again (1989)
[ Ryan Stiles ][ Dave Thomas ]
The Making of Me (1989)
I, Martin Short, Goes Hollywood (1989)
[ Christopher Guest ][ Eugene Levy ][ Fred Willard ][ Dave Thomas ][ Joe Flaherty ]
Cross My Heart (1987)
[ Paul Reiser ][ Aaron Spelling ][ Lee Arenberg ]
Innerspace (1987)
[ Steven Spielberg ][ Dennis Quaid ][ Robert Picardo ][ Henry Gibson ][ Joe Flaherty ]
Really Weird Tales (1987)
[ John Candy ][ Joe Flaherty ]
Episode #12.6 (1986)
[ Steve Martin ]
¡Three Amigos! (1986)
[ Steve Martin ][ Chevy Chase ][ Phil Hartman ][ Jon Lovitz ][ John Landis ]
Episode #10.16 (1985)
[ Julia Louis-Dreyfus ]
Episode #10.13 (1985)
[ Christopher Guest ][ Julia Louis-Dreyfus ][ Billy Crystal ][ James Belushi ]
Sunset Limousine (1983)
[ John Ritter ][ Paul Reiser ][ Martin Mull ]
The Family Man (1979)
[ Michael Ironside ][ Michael Wincott ]
Lost and Found (1979)
[ John Candy ][ Paul Sorvino ][ George Segal ]
Cementhead (1978)


  • Received the Earl Grey Award for his work in SCTV at the Gemini in Toronto. [1995]
  • Was trained to be a social worker but got bit by the acting bug after taking a part in a production of "Godspell" in Toronto, Ontario.
  • His brother died when he was 15, and, by age 20, both his parents, too.
  • Graduated from Westdale High school in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Won a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical for his performance in the Broadway revival of "Little Me." [1999]
  • Brother-in-law of Bob Dolman and ex-brother-in-law of Andrea Martin.
  • Was supposed to host the 1994 season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" (1975), but he had to back out at the last minute. He was replaced by Steve Martin.
  • On Inside the Actor's Studio, said his favorite curse word is "poo".
  • Brother of Michael Short
  • Went dramatic and appeared in a 1974 production of "Fortune and Men's Eyes" which dealt with prison rape.
  • First acting job was playing a giant Visa card in a TV commercial.
  • Met future Second City collaborator Dave Thomas in college in 1970. They began acting together. Short appeared with Thomas in a production of Macbeth in which Short was Lennox and Thomas was Banquo. A legendary production of Godspell in 1972 would include Thomas, plus other Canadian funsters Gilda Radner, Eugene Levy, Paul Shaffer, and Andrea Martin. His future wife, 'Nancy Dolman', , was Radner's understudy. Short dated Radner first, and began dating Dolman in 1974. They married in 1980.
  • Majored in social work at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario after beginning as a pre-med student and then studying sociology.
  • Older brother David was killed in a car accident in 1965. His mother, Olive Short, was a child prodigy of the violin, and was the first female concertmaster in North America. She was concertmaster for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra. She married Short's father, Charles Patrick Short, in 1935--an Irish VP of Canada's largest steel company who came to North America as a stowaway. Olive Short died in 1970 after a five-year battle with cancer. Charles Patrick Short died in 1972 as a result of complications from a stroke.
  • Has three children: Katherine Elizabeth (born December 3rd, 1983), Oliver Patrick (born 1986) and Henry (born 1990)
  • Is one of very few ex "Saturday Night Live" cast members who have made guest appearances on the rival Saturday night sketch comedy show "MADtv".
  • Won Broadway's 1999 Tony Award as Best Actor (Musical) for a revival of "Little Me." He was also nominated in the same category in 1993 for "The Goodbye Girl."
  • Uncle to Bob Dolman's and Andrea Martin's two sons, Jack (born 1981) and Joe (born 1983).
  • Husband of Canadian comic actress Nancy Dolman, most notable for her recurring role on the ABC cult sitcom "Soap" (1977) and "Custard Pie" (1977). She also appeared in his critically acclaimed 1985 television special, Martin Short: Concert for the North Americas (1985) (TV).
  • Short is the youngest of five children. In addition to his two aforementioned brothers, the late David Short and Emmy winning television writer Michael Short, Short has an older brother Brian, vice president of Dover Industries in Canada, and an older sister Nora, an anesthesiologist.
  • Daughter Katherine Elizabeth Short currently attends New York University. She was chosen in 2003 to serve as Queen Shenandoah LXXVI for the Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, Virginia. She is an aspiring actress.
  • Son Oliver Patrick Short currently attends The University of Notre Dame's Mendoza College of Business for marketing and film, television and theatre. He is an aspiring director/producer.
  • He was Mel Brooks's first choice to star opposite Nathan Lane as Leo Bloom in his Broadway version of The Producers. In 2000, Short was hosting his short-lived talk show, "The Martin Short Show" (1999), and Brooks and Lane appeared as guests on the same episode - during which, sitting between Lane and Short, Brooks pulled out the contract for The Producers, wanting them both to sign it right there. This was met with gales of surprised and flattered laughter from the two actors. Having professional obligations on the West Coast due to the talk show, as well as family obligations (he had three children enrolled in school in the Los Angeles area at the time) Short had to decline, and was visibly guilty as he told Brooks he couldn't sign at that moment and would consider the offer later. Lane helped the situation by doing the same. While Lane later accepted, Short declined and Matthew Broderick took his place (earning a Tony Award nomination). Short wound up enjoying a successful run opposite Jason Alexander in the Los Angeles production of The Producers in 2003.
  • The August 17th, 2006 red carpet event that accompanied the opening night of Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me (as well as the opening night party that followed the performance at Tavern on the Green) was attended by: Martin Short and Nancy Dolman, cast members Marc Shaiman, Mary Birdsong, Nicole Parker, 'Brooks Ashmanskas' and Capathia Jenkins, writer Scott Wittman, Lauren Bacall, Phyllis Newman, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, Nathan Lane, Bette Midler, Bernadette Peters, Kathleen Marshall, Alec Baldwin, Billy Crystal and Janice Crystal, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase and Jayni Luke, Jerry Seinfeld, Andrea Martin, Paul Shaffer and Cathy Vasapoli, Larry David and Laurie Lennard, Harry Smith, James Marsden, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Allyson Tucker, Eugene Levy, Christine Ebersole, Jason Sudeikis, Chris Elliot, Craig Bierko, Jerry Mitchell, Matthew Morrison, Michael Feinstein, Kristen Johnston, Sara Gettelfinger and others.

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