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Richard Farnsworth
Birthday: September 1, 1920

Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA
Height: 0' 0"

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No one can accuse Richard Farnsworth of taking the easy road to film stardom: by the time he finally got name-above-the-title billing, he was 61 years old, and had been in films for 34 of those years. A veteran Hollywood stunt man, he eventually became a respected actor in his own right, and earned widespread adulation for two outstanding lead performances, first as the veteran train robber released into a changed world in 1982's The Grey Fox and then as the dedicated Alvin Straight in 1999's The Straight Story.Born in Los Angeles on September 1, 1920, Farnsworth was a high-school dropout who became a rodeo rider at the age of 16. When the call went out from MGM for expert horsemen to appear in the Marx Brothers comedy A Day at the Races (1937), Farnsworth was hired as a combination stunt man/extra. The stint was the beginning of a decades-long Hollywood career, over the course of which he did stunt work for many a cowboy star and swashbuckler. For nearly a decade, he was exclusive stunt man/stand-in for Roy Rogers, accepting such occasional outside assignments as Guy Madison's riding double on the 1950s TV Western Wild Bill Hickok (three decades later, Farnsworth would himself impersonate Hickok in the theatrical feature The Legend of the Lone Ranger). Farnsworth's studio years were fairly lucrative; in addition to working with directors ranging from Cecil B. De Mille and Sam Peckinpah, it was not unusual for the stunt man to receive a bigger paycheck than the actors for whom he doubled. In the 1960s, the performer used his considerable clout in his field to co-create the Stuntman's Association, a group which would fight to safeguard the rights and working conditions of the men and women who risked life and limb for Hollywood.As he grew older, Farnsworth thought it wise to cut back on the athletics and to seek out speaking roles. By 1976, he was working as a full-time actor, his weather-beaten countenance and self-assuredness enlivening many an otherwise "flat" scene. He was nominated for an Academy Award for his supporting appearance as Dodger in Comes a Horseman (1978); the star of that film was Jane Fonda, whose father, Henry, had been doubled by Farnsworth in The Tin Star (1957). In 1982, Farnsworth won Canada's Genie Award for his starring role as an elderly, elegant bank robber in The Grey Fox. On two occasions — the 1984 baseball flick The Natural and the 1992 TV series Boys of Twilight — the actor co-starred with another venerable stunt man-cum-character actor, Wilford Brimley. Farnsworth continued to craft a career not unlike Brimley's, making small but memorable supporting appearances in many A-list Hollywood productions, including Misery and Havana (both 1990).Farnsworth had been living in semi-retirement on his New Mexico ranch for most of the 1990s when he received a call from director David Lynch to star in The Straight Story, the real-life tale of an elderly widower who drives a tractor from his Iowa home to the Wisconsin bedside of his estranged, gravely ill brother (Harry Dean Stanton). The film received a warm reception, much of which was directed at the septuagenarian's understated, plainspoken performance. Honored with a Golden Globe nomination and an Independent Spirit Award for his work, Farnsworth would also receive a Best Actor nod at the 2000 Academy Awards — becoming the oldest person to be nominated for the award. Though stricken with terminal bone cancer, Farnsworth continued to make public appearances — at film festivals, award ceremonies, and even the National Cowboy Symposium — until the debilitating disease caused him to take his own life at his New Mexico home in October 2000. The actor's namesake, Richard "Diamond" Farnsworth, continued his father's legacy by becoming a Hollywood stunt man.

Movie Credits
The Straight Story (1999)
[ David Lynch ][ Harry Dean Stanton ][ Everett McGill ][ John Farley ]
Best Friends for Life (1998)
Lassie (1994)
[ Tom Guiry ][ Jon Tenney ][ Frederic Forrest ]
The Getaway (1994)
[ Philip Seymour Hoffman ][ Alec Baldwin ][ Michael Madsen ][ James Woods ][ David Morse ]
The Fire Next Time (1993)
[ Paul Rudd ][ Craig T Nelson ][ Craig T. Nelson ][ Justin Whalin ][ John Vernon ]
Highway to Hell (1992)
[ Ben Stiller ][ Kevin Peter Hall ][ Chad Lowe ][ Gilbert Gottfried ][ Patrick Bergin ]
Havana (1990)
[ Robert Redford ][ Frank Sinatra ][ Alan Arkin ][ Raul Julia ][ Sydney Pollack ]
Misery (1990)
[ Stephen King ][ James Caan ][ Rob Reiner ][ J.T. Walsh ][ David R. Ellis ]
The Two Jakes (1990)
[ Jack Nicholson ][ Harvey Keitel ][ Eli Wallach ][ John Cho ][ Frederic Forrest ]
Red Earth, White Earth (1989)
[ Timothy Daly ]
Desperado: The Outlaw Wars (1989)
[ Brad Dourif ][ James Remar ][ Geoffrey Lewis ][ Deon Richmond ][ Brion James ]
Good Old Boy: A Delta Boyhood (1988)
Sylvester (1985)
[ Michael Schoeffling ][ Arliss Howard ][ James Gammon ]
Into the Night (1985)
[ Dan Aykroyd ][ Jeff Goldblum ][ Bruce McGill ][ John Landis ][ Jim Henson ]
Space Rage (1985)
[ John Laughlin ]
Anne of Green Gables (1985)
[ Jonathan Crombie ]
Chase (1985)
Wild Horses (1985)
[ Hans Zimmer ][ Ben Johnson ]
Rhinestone (1984)
[ Sylvester Stallone ][ Rod Ball ]
The Natural (1984)
[ Robert Redford ][ Robert Duvall ][ Michael Madsen ][ Wilford Brimley ][ Darren McGavin ]
Ghost Dancing (1983)
[ Bruce Davison ][ Wings Hauser ]
Travis McGee (1983)
[ Sam Elliott ][ Geoffrey Lewis ][ Barry Corbin ][ Walter Olkewicz ]
Independence Day (1983)
[ Noble Willingham ]
The Grey Fox (1982)
Waltz Across Texas (1982)
[ Terry Jastrow ]
The Cherokee Trail (1981)
A Few Days in Weasel Creek (1981)
[ Glenn Morshower ]
The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981)
[ Christopher Lloyd ][ Jason Robards ][ John Bennett Perry ]
Ruckus (1981)
[ Dirk Benedict ][ Ben Johnson ][ Willie Nelson ]
The Texas Rangers (1981)
Tom Horn (1980)
[ Steve McQueen ][ Slim Pickens ][ Geoffrey Lewis ]
Resurrection (1980)
[ Sam Shepard ][ Lane Smith ]
Comes a Horseman (1978)
[ James Caan ][ Mark Harmon ][ Jason Robards ]
Un autre homme, une autre chance (1977)
[ James Caan ][ Christopher Lloyd ][ Vincent Schiavelli ][ Michael Berryman ]
The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976)
[ Clint Eastwood ][ John Vernon ][ Sam Bottoms ][ Bill McKinney ]
The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox (1976)
[ George Segal ]
Rooster Cogburn (1975)
[ John Wayne ][ Katharine Hepburn ][ Richard Jordan ][ Lane Smith ][ Strother Martin ]
Strange New World (1975)
[ John Saxon ][ Bill McKinney ][ Jameson Parker ][ Reb Brown ]
Honky Tonk (1974)
[ Richard Crenna ][ Geoffrey Lewis ]
Blazing Saddles (1974)
[ Mel Brooks ][ Gene Wilder ][ Dom DeLuise ][ Slim Pickens ][ Cleavon Little ]
Papillon (1973)
[ Dustin Hoffman ][ Steve McQueen ][ Bill Mumy ][ Robert Urich ]
The Soul of Nigger Charley (1973)
[ Fred Williamson ]
The Cowboys (1972)
[ John Wayne ][ John Williams ][ Robert Carradine ][ Bruce Dern ][ Slim Pickens ]
The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)
[ Paul Newman ][ Anthony Perkins ][ Roddy McDowall ][ John Huston ][ Stacy Keach ]
Ulzana's Raid (1972)
[ Burt Lancaster ][ Bruce Davison ]
The Saddle Stiff (1972)
Pocket Money (1972)
[ Paul Newman ][ Lee Marvin ][ Terrence Malick ][ Hector Elizondo ][ Wayne Rogers ]
Top Hand (1971)
Monte Walsh (1970)
[ Lee Marvin ][ Jack Palance ]
The Stalking Moon (1968)
[ Gregory Peck ][ Robert Forster ]
Journey to a Hanging (1967)
Texas Across the River (1966)
[ Dean Martin ][ Alain Delon ][ Peter Graves ][ Andrew Prine ]
Duel at Diablo (1966)
[ James Garner ][ Sidney Poitier ][ Dennis Weaver ][ Johnny Crawford ]
The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner (1965)
The Jolly Genie (1963)
The Partners (1960)
Spartacus (1960)
[ Stanley Kubrick ][ Kirk Douglas ][ Laurence Olivier ][ Tony Curtis ][ Peter Ustinov ]
The Tin Star (1957)
[ Henry Fonda ][ Anthony Perkins ][ Lee Van Cleef ]
The Ten Commandments (1956)
[ Charlton Heston ][ Vincent Price ][ Yul Brynner ][ Robert Vaughn ][ John Derek ]
The Wild One (1953)
[ Marlon Brando ][ Lee Marvin ]
Arrowhead (1953)
[ Charlton Heston ][ Jack Palance ][ Brian Keith ]
Arena (1953)
[ Lee Van Cleef ][ Harry Morgan ]
Red River (1948)
[ John Wayne ][ Montgomery Clift ][ Walter Brennan ][ Harry Carey Jr. ]
This Is the Army (1943)
[ Ronald Reagan ][ Irving Berlin ][ Joe Louis ]
Gone with the Wind (1939)
[ Clark Gable ][ George Reeves ][ Ward Bond ]
Gunga Din (1939)
[ Cary Grant ]
The Adventures of Marco Polo (1938)
[ Gary Cooper ][ Jack Lord ][ John Ford ][ Ward Bond ]
A Day at the Races (1937)
[ Groucho Marx ]


  • Was a stunt man for 40 years before becoming an actor.
  • Co-founder of Stuntmen's Association in 1961
  • Known for a dislike of four letter words, he was embarrassed by the language in The Getaway (1994).
  • Died of self-inflicted gunshot wound. Had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • During the telecast of the 73rd Annual Academy Awards of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Richard Farnsworth was honoured by being included in the always touching and memorable segment that pays tribute to those in the industry who have passed away over the course of the previous year. [25 March 2001]
  • Billy Crystal singled out Farnsworth at the 72nd Academy Awards telling everyone it was "great to see him, and his nomination was a great story."
  • Inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1997.
  • Is the oldest ever person to recieve a Best Actor Oscar Nomination (80 at the time).
  • Doubled for Kirk Douglas, Henry Fonda, Montgomery Clift, Steve McQueen and Roy Rogers.
  • Engaged to Jewely Van Valin at the time of his death.
  • One son and one daughter, Diamond Farnsworth and Missy.
  • Shortly before his death, when asked by film critic Roger Ebert what he was most proud of in regards to his acting career, he replied that it was the fact that in over 60 movies he never says one cuss word.
  • The last person who appeared in 1939's "Gone With The Wind" (as a stuntman) to be nominated for an Academy Award... as Best Actor in "The Straight Story" (1999) - 60 years later.

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