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Robert Wagner
Birthday: February 10, 1930

Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Height: 5' 1"

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Robert Wagner was born in Detroit, and his family moved to Los Angeles when he was seven. Always wanting to be an actor, he held a variety of jobs (including one as a caddy for Clark Gable while pursuing his goal, but it was while dining with his parents at a restaurant in Beverly Hils that he was "discovered" by a talent scout. He had a bit part in The Happy Years (1950) but it was a small part as a crippled soldier in the Susan Hayward film With a Song in My Heart (1952) that got him attention. His fresh, all-American looks landed him a contract with 20th Century-Fox, which put him in a succession of undemanding roles in Technicolor pictures where his looks were more important than his talent (Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (1953), Prince Valiant (1954)), but he did manage to show that he was indeed an actor of talent in several showy roles in smaller pictures (A Kiss Before Dying (1956), Between Heaven and Hell (1956)). As he became one of Fox's rising young stars, the studio, as was customary back then, set him up with a host of nubile young actresses, among them Debbie Reynolds. While the pairing didn't lead to any romance, it did lead to a lifelong friendship. In 1956 Wagner, then 26, found the love of his life, 18-year-old actress Natalie Wood. They married on December 28 1957, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Hollywood trumpeted their marriage as the most "glittering union of the 20th century". Robert (RJ to his friends) and Natalie Wood quickly moved into a 0,000 mansion on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. He and Natalie Wood were deeply in love and appeared to be the perfect couple, but were actually living on the edge and were strapped for cash. RJ was being overshadowed by new male leads like Marlon Brando and Paul Newman. Natalie Wood was placed on a 14-month suspension with Warner Bros. for refusing to do a movie in England.These problems led them to divorce on April 27 1962. He took the divorce hard. Trying to escape his pain he went to Europe to make the movie The Longest Day (1962). In Europe he met with his old friend Marion Marshall. They married in 1963 and had a daughter, Katie Wagner, but the marriage was short-lived. In 1968 he reluctantly went into television to star in "It Takes a Thief" (1968) (later he would say it was the right move). By 1969 he was thriving professionally, but his personal life wasn't. He was still in love with Natalie Wood and kept in touch with her. However, she had married British producer Richard Gregson and they had a daughter Natasha (later Natasha Gregson Wagner). In 1971 Natalie Wood and RJ saw each other by accident in a restaurant and suddenly the old magic was back. She divorced Richard Gregson, and RJ and Natalie Wood remarried June 16 1972, on their yacht "Splendour". In 1974 they had a daughter, Courtney Brooke. Their second marriage was full of love and happiness. They were a real family and loved raising their three daughters, Katie Wagner, Natasha Gregson Wagner and Courtney Brooke.Wagner went on to do a succession of successful television series ("Switch" (1975), "Hart to Hart" (1979)) and his professional and personal lives seemed to be right on track. Then on November 29 1981, his life was shattered by the news that Natalie Wood had fallen off of "Splendour" and drowned. He was devastated and inconsolable, but insisted on arranging a funeral to honor the love of his life. He spent the next ten years raising Natalie Wood's and his daughters alone. It was 1991 when he married Jill St. John. To this day he finds it difficult to talk about Natalie Wood's death.Wagner has since revived his career with a recurring role as the eye-patch-wearing henchman Number Two to Mike Myers' sinister Dr. Evil in the "Austin Powers" series of spy spoofs and as the host of Fox Movie Channel's "Hour of Stars" (2002), which shows recently discovered and restored episodes of the old TV anthology series "The 20th Century-Fox Hour" (1955), some of which Wagner himself had starred in.

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Last of the Mustangs (2006)
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Hoot (2006)
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Category 7: The End of the World (2005)
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Little Victim (2005)
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9021-Uh-Oh (2004)
Stand by Your Mandi (2004)
Natal Attraction (2004)
Padrino, El (2004)
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Mystery Woman (2003)
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The Calling (2002)
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Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002)
[ Tom Cruise ][ Kevin Spacey ][ John Travolta ][ Seth Green ][ Mike Myers ]
Nancy & Frank - A Manhattan Love Story (2002)
The Kidnapping of Chris Burden (2001)
The Retrievers (2001)
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Rocket's Red Glare (2000)
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Abzocker - Eine eiskalte Affäre, Die (2000)
Dill Scallion (1999)
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Play It to the Bone (1999)
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Forever Fabulous (1999)
[ Jack Plotnick ][ Jorja Fox ]
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
[ Will Ferrell ][ Seth Green ][ Mike Myers ][ Tim Robbins ][ Rob Lowe ]
No Vacancy (1999)
[ Timothy Olyphant ][ Gabriel Mann ][ Joaquim de Almeida ]
Fatal Error (1999)
[ Antonio Sabato Jr. ]
Crazy in Alabama (1999)
[ Lucas Black ][ David Morse ][ Rod Steiger ][ Richard Schiff ][ Noah Emmerich ]
Something to Believe In (1998)
[ Roddy McDowall ][ William McNamara ]
Wild Things (1998)
[ Bill Murray ][ Kevin Bacon ][ Matt Dillon ][ Iggy Pop ]
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997)
[ Will Ferrell ][ Seth Green ][ Mike Myers ][ Christian Slater ][ Rob Lowe ]
Overdrive (1997)
[ Steve Guttenberg ][ Richmond Arquette ]
Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart (1996)
[ Dwight Schultz ][ George Hamilton ][ Aaron Spelling ]
Hart to Hart: Harts in High Season (1996)
[ James Brolin ][ Aaron Spelling ]
Hart to Hart: Two Harts in Three-Quarters Time (1995)
[ Aaron Spelling ]
Dancing in the Dark (1995)
[ Robert Vaughn ]
Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart (1995)
[ Jason Bateman ][ Pat Morita ][ Aaron Spelling ]
Parallel Lives (1994)
[ James Belushi ][ Treat Williams ][ James Brolin ][ Paul Sorvino ][ LeVar Burton ]
Hart to Hart: Old Friends Never Die (1994)
[ Fred Willard ][ James Avery ][ Mike Farrell ][ Aaron Spelling ][ David Rasche ]
Hart to Hart: Crimes of the Hart (1994)
[ Richard Belzer ][ Aaron Spelling ]
Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is (1994)
[ Roddy McDowall ][ Aaron Spelling ][ Howard Keel ]
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993)
[ Jason Scott Lee ][ Sven-Ole Thorsen ][ Michael Cudlitz ][ Eric Bruskotter ][ Jonathan Penner ]
Hart to Hart: Hart to Hart Returns (1993)
[ Aaron Spelling ][ Mike Connors ]
Audacieux, Les (1993)
Jewels (1992)
[ Anthony Andrews ][ Leo Gregory ]
Lady Luck (1991)
False Arrest (1991)
[ Jason London ][ Steven Bauer ][ Paul Gleason ][ Lane Smith ]
Delirious (1991)
[ John Candy ][ Jerry Orbach ][ Richard Donner ][ Dylan Baker ][ Raymond Burr ]
This Gun for Hire (1991)
Indiscreet (1988)
Windmills of the Gods (1988)
[ Ian McKellen ][ J.T. Walsh ][ Michael Moriarty ][ Franco Nero ]
Love Among Thieves (1987)
[ Jerry Orbach ][ Brion James ][ Patrick Bauchau ]
There Must Be a Pony (1986)
[ Chad Lowe ]
To Catch a King (1984)
[ Anthony Calf ]
Curse of the Pink Panther (1983)
[ Bill Nighy ][ Roger Moore ][ Robert Loggia ][ David Niven ][ Blake Edwards ]
I Am the Cheese (1983)
[ John Fiedler ][ Don Murray ]
Color Jennifer Dead (1980)
Hart to Hart (1979)
[ Roddy McDowall ][ Aaron Spelling ][ Michael Lerner ]
The Concorde: Airport '79 (1979)
[ David Warner ][ George Kennedy ][ Alain Delon ][ Edward Albert ][ Eddie Albert ]
The Man with the Jade Eyes (1979)
With This Gun, I Thee Wed (1979)
A New Kind of High (1979)
The Critical List (1978)
[ Louis Gossett Jr. ][ Buddy Ebsen ][ Noble Willingham ]
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1976)
[ Laurence Olivier ]
Death at Love House (1976)
[ Aaron Spelling ][ Bill Macy ]
Midway (1976)
[ Charlton Heston ][ Tom Selleck ][ Henry Fonda ][ Robert Mitchum ][ Pat Morita ]
Switch (1975)
[ Charles Durning ][ Edward Albert ][ Eddie Albert ]
The Abduction of Saint Anne (1975)
[ A Martinez ]
The Towering Inferno (1974)
[ Paul Newman ][ Steve McQueen ][ William Holden ][ Fred Astaire ][ John Williams ]
Very Important Person (1974)
[ Dan O'Herlihy ]
Senior American Officer (1974)
[ Dan O'Herlihy ]
Gone Away: Part 2 (1973)
Gone Away: Part 1 (1973)
The Affair (1973)
[ Bruce Davison ][ Aaron Spelling ]
Journey Through Rosebud (1972)
[ Robert Forster ]
Madame Sin (1972)
[ Denholm Elliott ][ Roy Kinnear ]
Killer by Night (1972)
[ Johnny Crawford ]
The Streets of San Francisco (1972)
[ Michael Douglas ][ Mako ][ Karl Malden ][ Tom Bosley ][ Brad Davis ]
Crosscurrent (1971)
City Beneath the Sea (1971)
[ Joseph Cotten ]
The War Merchants (1970)
Winning (1969)
[ Paul Newman ][ Clu Gulager ]
A Thief Is a Thief (1968)
Don't Just Stand There! (1968)
[ Harvey Korman ]
The Biggest Bundle of Them All (1968)
[ Godfrey Cambridge ]
Banning (1967)
[ Gene Hackman ][ Paul Gleason ]
How I Spent My Summer Vacation (1967)
The Enemy on the Beach (1966)
Harper (1966)
[ Paul Newman ][ Harold Gould ][ Strother Martin ]
The Pink Panther (1963)
[ Peter Sellers ][ David Niven ][ Blake Edwards ]
The War Lover (1962)
[ Steve McQueen ]
The Longest Day (1962)
[ Sean Connery ][ John Wayne ][ Henry Fonda ][ Robert Mitchum ][ Richard Burton ]
Sequestrati di Altona, I (1962)
[ Maximilian Schell ]
Sail a Crooked Ship (1961)
All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960)
[ George Hamilton ][ Redd Foxx ]
Say One for Me (1959)
[ Ray Walston ]
Mardi Gras (1958)
In Love and War (1958)
[ Jeffrey Hunter ]
The Hunters (1958)
[ Robert Mitchum ][ Robert Reed ][ Richard Egan ]
Stopover Tokyo (1957)
The True Story of Jesse James (1957)
[ Jeffrey Hunter ]
The Mountain (1956)
[ Spencer Tracy ]
Between Heaven and Hell (1956)
[ Scatman Crothers ][ Buddy Ebsen ]
A Kiss Before Dying (1956)
[ Jeffrey Hunter ]
The Ox-Bow Incident (1955)
White Feather (1955)
[ Jeffrey Hunter ]
Prince Valiant (1954)
[ James Mason ][ Sterling Hayden ]
Broken Lance (1954)
[ Spencer Tracy ][ Richard Widmark ]
Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (1953)
[ Rock Hudson ][ Peter Graves ][ Harry Carey Jr. ]
Titanic (1953)
The Silver Whip (1953)
Stars and Stripes Forever (1952)
[ George Chakiris ]
What Price Glory (1952)
[ Harry Morgan ][ Jack Lord ][ John Ford ]
With a Song in My Heart (1952)
Let's Make It Legal (1951)
The Frogmen (1951)
[ Richard Widmark ][ Jack Warden ][ Jeffrey Hunter ][ Dana Andrews ]
Teresa (1951)
[ Lee Marvin ][ Rod Steiger ]
Halls of Montezuma (1950)
[ Jack Palance ][ Richard Widmark ][ Karl Malden ]
The Happy Years (1950)
[ Dean Stockwell ]


  • Father of Katie Wagner (with Marion Marshall) and Courtney Brooke Wagner (with Natalie Wood).
  • Best known as Jonathan Hart on TV's "Hart to Hart" (1979)
  • Step-father of Natalie Wood's daughter, Natasha Gregson Wagner
  • Made 4 movies with wife Natalie Wood All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960) The Affair (1973) (TV), Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1976) (TV) and Hart to Hart (1979) (TV).
  • Father of the TV hostess Katie Wagner.
  • He sued Aaron Spelling Productions for million in June 2000, charging that he was cheated out of profits on the Fox series "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990). He claimed that he was entitled to profits as part of a ten-year-old settlement between producer Aaron Spelling and Fox that gave Aaron Spelling the right to produce "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) in exchange for "Angels 88", a never-produced series in which Wagner had a stake. According to the suit, the conflict dates back to 1973 when he and his wife, Natalie Wood, made a deal with Aaron Spelling to submit ideas for pilots to ABC. One idea that the couple submitted led to the show "Charlie's Angels" (1976). Following the terms of their deal, Aaron Spelling, Wagner and Natalie Wood equally shared profits from the series. In 1988 Aaron Spelling developed a new series, "Angels 88". According to the terms of their contract, Wagner was to receive 7.5% profit participation -- whether or not he rendered services. Fox committed to the series, without his knowledge, and then reneged, giving Aaron Spelling "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) instead. Since Aaron Spelling was given "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) in exchange for an asset in which Wagner had an interest, Wagner claimed that he is entitled to the same profit participation on "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) as he had on "Angels 88". The suit alleges breach of contract and fraud and seeks 7.5% of gross profits from "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) as well as damages of not less than million.
  • Due to the publication of a memoir by Lana Wood on her sister's life, Wagner refuses to speak and/or communicate with his late wife's family, after it was implied in the book that Wagner probably played a role in Natalie Wood's tragic drowning off the coast of Catalina Island in 1981. In spring 2000, a Vanity Fair cover shoot featuring all actresses playing Bond girls in every Bond film was broken up after an encounter by Lana Wood and Wagner's present-day wife Jill St. John got into a major argument on the set.
  • Wagner's present-day wife, Jill St. John, starred in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever (1971) which also starred his late-wife's real-life sister, Lana Wood.
  • After being submerged at one point in an industrial strength foaming agent during the bathtub scene in The Pink Panther (1963), went blind for four weeks. The studio wanted Wagner replaced, but director Blake Edwards stuck by him and he finished the picture.
  • Is portrayed by Michael Weatherly in The Mystery of Natalie Wood (2004) (TV)
  • When he arrived in Hollywood, he was mentored by the older, established actor Clifton Webb, even living at Webb's home at the beginning of his movie career.

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