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Stephen King
Birthday: September 21, 1947

Birth Place: Portland, Maine, USA
Height: 6' 4"

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Stephen Edwin King was born on September 21, 1947 at the Maine General Hospital in Portland, Maine. His parents were Donald Edwin King and Ruth Pillsbury King. Stephen being the only natural born child in the family, his older brother David having been adopted at birth two years earlier. The Kings were the typical family until one night when Donald King said he was stepping out for cigarettes and was never heard from again. Ruth took over raising the family with help from relatives. They traveled throughout many states over several years finally moving back to Durham, Maine in 1958.Stephen began his actual writing career in January of 1959, when David and Stephen decided to publish their own local town newspaper named "Dave's Rag". David bought a mimeograph, and they created a paper that sold for five cents an issue. Stephen attended Lisbon High School, in Lisbon, Maine in 1962. Collaborating with his best friend Chris Chesley in 1963, they published a collection of 18 short stories called People, Places, and Things-Volume I. King's stories included "Hotel at the End of the Road", "I've Got to Get Away!", "The Dimension Warp", "The Thing at the Bottom of the Well", "The Stranger", "I'm Falling", "The Cursed Expedition", and "The Other Side of the Fog." A year later, King's amateur press Triad and Gaslight Books, published a two-part book titled "The Star Invaders".Stephen King made his first actual published appearance in 1965 in the magazine Comics Review with his story "I Was a Teenage Grave Robber." The story ran about 6,000 words in length. In 1966, he graduated from high school and took a scholarship to attend the University of Maine. Looking back on his high school days, King recalled that "my high school career was totally undistinguished. I was not at the top of my class, nor at the bottom." Later that summer King began working on a novel called "Getting It On", about some kids who take over a classroom and try unsuccessfully to ward off the National Guard. During his first year at college, King completed his first full length novel, "The Long Walk." He submitted the novel to Bennett Cerf/Random House only to have it rejected. King took the rejection badly and filed the book away.Stephen King made his first small sale with his story "The Glass Floor" for the amount of . In June 1970, King graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor of Science degree in English and a certificate to teach high school. King's next idea came from the poem by Robert Browning, "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came." He found bright colored green paper in the library and began work on The Dark Tower saga, but due to his lack of income he was unable to further pursue the novel at great length and it too was filed away. King took a measly job of pumping gas earning .25 an hour. Soon he began to earn money for his writings by submitting his short stories to men's magazines such as Cavalier.On January 2, 1971, he married Tabitha Jane Spruce. In the fall of 1971, King took a teaching job at Hampden Academy earning ,400 a year. The Kings then moved to Hermon, a town west of Bangor, Maine. Stephen then began work on a short story about a teenage girl named Carietta White. After a completing a few pages, King decided it was not a worthy story and crumpled the pages up and tossed them into the trash. Fortunately, his wife Tabitha took the pages out and read them. She encouraged her husband to continue the story, which he did. In January 1973, King submitted Carrie to Doubleday. In March, Doubleday bought the book. On May 12, Doubleday sold the paperback rights of Carrie to New American Library for 0,000. Based on the book contract, Stephen King would get half of that. King quit his teaching job to pursue writing full time. And the rest, as they say, is history.Since then, King has had numerous short stories and novels published and movies created from his work. Stephen King is called the "Master of Horror". His books have been translated into 33 different languages, published in over 35 different countries. There are over 300 million copies of his novels in publication. He continues to live in Bangor, Maine with his wife where he writes out of his home.In June 1999, Stephen King was severely injured in an accident that left him in critical condition with injuries to his lung, broken ribs, a broken leg and a severely fractured hip. After three weeks of operations, he was released from the Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston, Maine.

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All That You Love Will Be Carried Away (2004)
'Salem's Lot (2004)
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All That You Love (2004)
The Road Virus Heads North (2004)
The Man in the Black Suit (2004)
Secret Window (2004)
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The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer (2003)
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Children of the Corn 666: Isaac's Return (1999)
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Sometimes They Come Back... for More (1999)
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The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)
[ Jason London ][ Eddie Kaye Thomas ][ Zachery Ty Bryan ][ John Doe ][ Dylan Bruno ]
Apt Pupil (1998)
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Thinner (1996)
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Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering (1996)
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Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)
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Misery (1990)
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Pet Sematary (1989)
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The Running Man (1987)
[ Arnold Schwarzenegger ][ Richard Dawson ][ Yaphet Kotto ][ Jesse Ventura ][ Jim Brown ]
A Return to Salem's Lot (1987)
[ Michael Moriarty ]
Creepshow 2 (1987)
[ George A. Romero ][ George Kennedy ][ Tom Savini ]
The Lawnmower Man (1987)
The Last Rung on the Ladder (1987)
Stand by Me (1986)
[ John Cusack ][ Kiefer Sutherland ][ River Phoenix ][ Corey Feldman ][ Jerry O'Connell ]
Maximum Overdrive (1986)
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Srazhenie (1986)
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The Word Processor of the Gods (1984)
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Christine (1983)
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The Dead Zone (1983)
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Cujo (1983)
[ Danny Pintauro ]
The Woman in the Room (1983)
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Disciples of the Crow (1983)
Creepshow (1982)
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The Boogeyman (1982)
The Shining (1980)
[ Jack Nicholson ][ Stanley Kubrick ][ John Cho ][ Scatman Crothers ][ Danny Lloyd ]
Salem's Lot (1979)
[ James Mason ][ Fred Willard ][ Geoffrey Lewis ][ Tobe Hooper ][ George Dzundza ]
Carrie (1976)
[ John Travolta ][ Brian De Palma ][ William Katt ]


  • Newspapers reported that he has bought the van that hit him on June; he plans to hammer it to pieces on the anniversary of the accident. [September 1999]
  • King was accidentally hit in the back by a minivan while walking on Route 5 near North Lovell, Maine. He suffered a broken leg, a bruised lung and a head laceration. The driver of the van was distracted by his dog. King was found lying in a depression about 14 feet off the road and appeared to have been thrown by the collision. The van's windshield was broken and the right front corner of the car was crunched in from the impact of striking King. [19 June 1999]
  • Revealed that he is suffering from macular degeneration, a currently incurable condition which will most likely lead to blindness. [May 1999]
  • Estimated annual salary is million. [May 1999]
  • HBO has paid .5 million for the rights to the novel 'Rose Madder'. [October 1996]
  • King has never censored his own work. The death scene of the doctor in novel "'Salem's Lot" was cut due to the demands of the editor at Doubleday.
  • King published six novels (Rage, The Long Walk, Roadwork, The Running Man, Thinner and The Regulators) under the pseudonym Richard Bachman.
  • Portions of King's writings from when he was 9 years old appears in the 1993 book, "First Words", edited by Paul Mandelbaum, available from Algonquin books.
  • Supposedly created his pseudonym Richard Bachman by reading a novel by Donald E. Westlake, whose pseudonym is Richard Stark, while listening to Bachman-Turner-Overdrive. Likes to have cameos in his movies (big screen and TV).
  • It is falsely rumored that Stephen will not sign autographs because of superstition. Actually, he does not 'do autographs' because he hates the idolatry of celebrities. (He also will not endorse an official fan club for the same reason.) He will sign autographs now only at book signings, according to his official website.
  • Met his wife Tabitha King while the two were working at the Fogler Library as students at the University of Maine in Orono, Maine.
  • Used to work for a dry cleaner before publishing his first novel.
  • His daughter Naomi wed her 54 year old lesbian partner Thandeka (who is a theological school teacher) in Nashville, Tennessee. [June 2000]
  • Bryan Smith, the driver of the van which hit Stephen King, dies. Stephen King said in statement "I was very sorry to hear of the passing of Bryan Smith, the death of a 43-year-old man can only be termed untimely." [26 September 2000]
  • Scored in the 1300s on the SAT.
  • Children: Naomi Rachel (b. 1972), Joseph Hillstrom (b. 1974) and Owen Phillip (b. 1979).
  • Wrote The Running Man, a 304 page novel, in only ten days.
  • Owns three radio stations in Maine (one has been named AP Station of the Year more than once) Online at zoneradio.com
  • Certified by Guinness Superlatives (the "Book of World Records" group) as having the most number of motion picture adaptations by a living author.
  • In 1992, Stephen and Tabitha King gave a donation to build Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, Maine. In August, 2002, he threw the first pitch at the opening of the Senior League Baseball World Series. The Kings were honored for their generosity with an inscribed stone monument shaped like a home plate.
  • Contributed a short monologue to two versions of the Blue Öyster Cult song "Astronomy" (from the out-of-print "Imaginos" album) on a promotional CD single.
  • His short story "The Man in the Black Suit" won an O. Henry Award for Best Short Story in 1996.
  • - Underwent surgery to remove scar tissue and fluid from his lungs from a bout of pneumonia. [25 November 2003]
  • Owns a house on Sanibel Island, Florida
  • Once said that his favorite personal horror movie was Tourist Trap (1979), and his favorite film is Of Unknown Origin (1983)
  • Dogs are often described as monsters or -- the opposite -- victims in his books and films (like Cujo (1983) or Pet Sematary (1989)).
  • He is an avid Red Sox fan. Before the Sox won the 2004 World Series, he said he wanted his tombstone epitaph to be a single sock and the line "Not In My Lifetime, Not In Yours, Either."
  • King is the most successful American writer in history.
  • Often listens to hard rock music during the time he writes to get inspired. He also plays in a rock band himself.
  • A recovering alcoholic, King noted in his book "On Writing" that he was drunk virtually the whole time of writing the book Cujo and, to this day, barely remembers writing any of it.
  • In the eighties, he was battling a cocaine addiction. At one time, his wife organized a group of family and friends and confronted him. She dumped onto the floor his trash can, which included beer cans, cigarette butts, cough and cold medicines and various drug paraphernalia. Her message to him was: get help or get out. We love you, but we don't want to witness your suicide. He got help and was able to become clean and sober.
  • Biography/bibliography in: "Contemporary Authors". New Revision Series, vol. 134, pages 256-271. Farmington Hills, MI: Thomson Gale, 2005.
  • Is good friends with horror director George A. Romero.
  • Stephen belongs to a an all-writer rock band called "Rock Bottom Remainders" with other such writers as Amy Tan, Dave Berry, Scott Turow, Roy Blount Jr. and James McBride. Their motto is , according to Dave Berry, "We play music as well as Metallica writes novels."
  • A huge fan of The Ramones, King penned the liner notes to the 2002 Ramones tribute album, "We're A Happy Family."
  • Writes reviews of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series for Entertainment Weekly magazine.
  • Is an avid AC/DC fan
  • The fictional town of Castle Rock is located in Maine. Stand by Me, the first film to be set in that town accidentally set it in Oregon. This is because the original story, The Body, only mentions that Castle Rock is near Portland, without identifying which state. It is only identified as being in Maine in his other stories. The only clues in The Body that it takes place in Maine is the fact that the local radio stations begin with W, which, with only a few exceptions, applies only to stations east of the Mississippi River.
  • Many of his stories take place in or near the fictional small town of Castle Rock, Maine. The first film to be based on a Castle Rock story was Stand by Me. Director Rob Reiner subsequently named his production company Castle Rock Entertainment.
  • Is a member of a band called the Rock Bottom Remainders, which is composed of other writers. Besides King the members include: Dave Barry, Ridley Pearson, Scott Turow, Amy Tan, James McBride, Mitch Albom, Roy Blount, Jr., Matt Groening, Kathi Kamen Goldmark and Greg Iles. A 'remainder' is a book that has not sold well and has been drastically reduced in price to ensure a quick sale.

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