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Tim Blake Nelson
Birthday: November 5, 1964

Birth Place: Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Height: 5' 6"

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An accomplished playwright, screenwriter, director, and actor, former classics major Tim Blake Nelson is perhaps most familiar to the movie audience as the hilariously dim Delmar in Joel and Ethan Coen's goofy Oscar-nominated comedy O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000).Born in Oklahoma, Nelson attended college at Brown University where he became a Latinist in the classics department. Opting for the arts over academia, Nelson headed to New York after college, studying acting at Juilliard and embarking on an Obie Award-winning career as a stage writer.After making his film debut in Nora Ephron's freshman directorial effort This Is My Life (1992), Nelson occasionally appeared in films throughout the 1990s, playing small roles in Hal Hartley's Amateur (1994), the Al Pacino-Johnny Depp Mob drama Donnie Brasco (1997), and Terrence Malick's radiant anti-war anti-epic The Thin Red Line (1998). Along with film acting, Nelson turned to filmmaking with the screen adaptation of his play Eye of God (1997), a somber rural drama about a woman's marriage to a pious ex-con with a violent past which earned positive notice at the Sundance Film Festival. Because of his ability to handle difficult questions of violence and create an ominous mood out of the everyday, Nelson was asked to helm the modernized, teen version of Shakespeare's Othello, re-titled O (2001). Shot in 1999, O languished on the shelf in the wake of a series of high school shootings, deemed an inappropriate release because of its violent denouement. In the meantime, Nelson's friend Joel Coen offered him one of the starring roles in O Brother, Where Art Thou?. As comfortable playing rural comedy as directing rural drama, Nelson shined as the dimmest of a trio of hare-brained fugitives in the Coen brothers' shaggy dog 1930s Southern Odyssey. After his successful stint with the Coens' light-hearted movie, Nelson returned squarely to downbeat material, directing the screen adaptation of his play The Grey Zone (2001). A drama about the only armed revolt at Auschwitz, The Grey Zone was already hitting the film festival circuit when Lion's Gate removed O from its Miramax purgatory, releasing it in August 2001. Impressing some critics with its central performances and evocative Southern Gothic atmosphere (if not always with all aspects of the adaptation), O confirmed Nelson's ability to translate his concern with the complex motivations for, and fall out from, violence to the film medium. Back to being an actor for hire, Nelson scored a summer 2002 hat trick with roles in one glossy big studio blockbuster and two well-regarded independent releases. In Steven Spielberg

Movie Credits
Bee Movie (2007)
[ Matthew Broderick ][ Robert Duvall ][ William H Macy ][ William H. Macy ][ John Goodman ]
The Astronaut Farmer (2007)
[ Billy Bob Thornton ][ Jon Gries ][ J.K. Simmons ][ Max Thieriot ]
Fido (2006)
[ Billy Connolly ][ Dylan Baker ][ Henry Czerny ]
Hoot (2006)
[ Luke Wilson ][ Robert Wagner ][ Neil Flynn ][ Logan Lerman ][ Clark Gregg ]
The Darwin Awards (2006)
[ Wilmer Valderrama ][ Joseph Fiennes ][ David Arquette ][ Chris Penn ][ Lukas Haas ]
Come Early Morning (2006)
[ Stacy Keach ][ Jeffrey Donovan ]
Syriana (2005)
[ Matt Damon ][ George Clooney ][ Steven Soderbergh ][ William Hurt ][ Chris Cooper ]
The Big White (2005)
[ Robin Williams ][ Giovanni Ribisi ][ Woody Harrelson ]
Warm Springs (2005)
[ Kenneth Branagh ][ Matt O'Leary ][ David Paymer ]
My Suicidal Sweetheart (2005)
[ David Krumholtz ][ David Paymer ][ Ralf Moeller ]
The Moguls (2005)
[ Lauren Graham ][ Jeff Bridges ][ Joe Pantoliano ][ William Fichtner ][ Ted Danson ]
Meet the Fockers (2004)
[ Robert De Niro ][ Ben Stiller ][ Owen Wilson ][ Dustin Hoffman ][ J.P. Manoux ]
Bereft (2004)
[ Timothy Daly ][ Edward Herrmann ]
The Last Shot (2004)
[ Matthew Broderick ][ Alec Baldwin ][ Ray Liotta ][ Eric Roberts ][ Tony Shalhoub ]
Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004)
[ Seth Green ][ Freddie Prinze Jr. ][ Matthew Lillard ][ Peter Boyle ][ Enrique Iglesias ]
Wonderland (2003)
[ Val Kilmer ][ Josh Lucas ][ Michael Pitt ][ Ted Levine ][ Dylan McDermott ]
Holes (2003)
[ Jon Voight ][ Shia LaBeouf ][ Khleo Thomas ][ Greg Cipes ][ Ty Hodges ]
A Foreign Affair (2003)
[ David Arquette ]
Minority Report (2002)
[ Tom Cruise ][ Colin Farrell ][ Peter Stormare ][ Clancy Brown ][ Max von Sydow ]
Cherish (2002)
[ Jason Priestley ][ Phil LaMarr ]
The Good Girl (2002)
[ Jake Gyllenhaal ][ John C. Reilly ][ Mike White ][ John Doe ]
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)
[ George Clooney ][ Joel Coen ][ John Goodman ][ John Turturro ][ Stephen Root ]
Hamlet (2000)
[ Bill Murray ][ Ethan Hawke ][ Casey Affleck ][ Steve Zahn ][ Liev Schreiber ]
The Thin Red Line (1998)
[ George Clooney ][ John Cusack ][ John Travolta ][ Sean Penn ][ Jared Leto ]
Prix Fixe (1997)
Donnie Brasco (1997)
[ Johnny Depp ][ Al Pacino ][ Michael Madsen ][ Paul Giamatti ][ Barry Levinson ]
Joe's Apartment (1996)
[ Jerry O'Connell ][ Dave Chappelle ][ Billy West ][ Robert Vaughn ][ B.D. Wong ]
Heavy Weights (1995)
[ Ben Stiller ][ Allen Covert ][ Jeffrey Tambor ][ Kenan Thompson ][ Judd Apatow ]
Amateur (1994)
[ Michael Imperioli ][ Martin Donovan ]
Motel Blue 19 (1993)
This Is My Life (1992)
[ Dan Aykroyd ][ Nora Ephron ]


  • Graduate of Brown University
  • Graduated Holland Hall School, 1982
  • He is not only an accomplished actor, but a seasoned director, singer, and playwright.
  • It is Tim Blake Nelson's voice in the film and on the Soundtrack for "O Brother, Whereout Thou" singing "In the Jailhouse Now".

Naked Photos of Tim Blake Nelson are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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